Sex med 919 män på en dag...

Jag hittade av en slump denna artikeln på nätet. Jösses Amalia! Denna tjejen måste ta mig tusan ha väldigt dålig självkänsla om hon utsätter sig för något sådant här!

Lisa Sparxxx is the world´s greatest slut

Probably no woman has ever had more sex, with more men, in 24 hours than she did: 919 men to be exact. That means one man every 2 minutes, non stop, for one WHOLE DAY!!

A renowned American porn star, Ms Sparxxx achieved this feat on 16th October 2004, when she was 28, during Eroticon 2004. Eroticon is an annual porn festival in Warsaw, Poland. It became the world’s premier gangbanging event when Gangbang in the US fizzled out. Eroticon started in 2001 and is now in its 6th year.

The event in which she participated in and broke the record is officially known as the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship, which is one of the main events at Eroticon.

She achieved the record in a gangbang competition, which is held live as a 3-woman competition. Objective of competition is to see which women can have sex with the most number of men in 24 hours. Her challengers were the previous record holder, Polish porn star Marianna Rokita and a Brazilian named Patricia.

The previous record by Ms Rokita was set in 2003, when she had sex with “only” 759 men in a day.

Some trivia about the contest:

  • All the guys needed to pass an STD screening.
  • Championship started at 9 am, finished at almost 9pm. That means it’s not really 24 hours, but a mere 12 hours. Incredible.
  • The rules say that each sexual contact has to take more then 30 and the most 60 seconds.
  • Ms Sparxxx lead right from the start but Patricia stayed very close. Difference between them never amounted to more than 5 sexual encounters. The old record was broken at 6:16 pm, when the jury recognized the 760th man, who had sex contact with Lisa. Two minutes later Patricia broke the old record too with her 760th partner.
  • The contest finally ended at 8:47 pm, with the final score at 919 for Lisa and Patricia at 898. I cannot imagine what it must have felt like down there for them at that point. It must be so bad that even the thought of breaking the magical 1,000 mark was abandoned.
  • Each sexual contact was carefully watched, rated and counted by referees.

Lisa Sparxxx

Postat av: ThisIsMaria

meeeen.. öööh..?? undrar om dom kunde gå sen den kommande månaden??

2009-03-13 @ 23:40:16
Postat av: ThisIsMaria

Är det ok att jag kopierar denna till min blogg?

2009-03-13 @ 23:40:50
Postat av: Jeanna

Visst, sno du på bara!

Mmm, undra om hon kunde gå samt hur mycket glidmedel gick det åt under den dagen egentligen? (För jag hoppas i alla fall att flickstackarn fick glidmedel om hon skulle stå ut med så många!)

2009-03-13 @ 23:56:05

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